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Paimennus / herding

Paimennus / herding

Herding progress

We have been busy practicing for the Swedish Bearded Collie Club's championships, which will be on September 9th near Gothenburg. It will be interesting to see who will do better, the father or the son. Tykki has been progressing quite nicely and he is much calmer than Petsu, but Petsu has better brakes.

Weekend practice

Maiccu and Henkka with Hertta, Mustonen and Tykki's brother Svensson came for a visit on Saturday. After the dogs had let off some steam running around on the pasture (without sheep), we headed to town without them to enjoy hot sunshine and cold beer. Having worked up a good appetite we headed back for a barbeque dinner.

On Sunday morning it was time for herding practice in the round pen. I started with Petsu, who behaved extremely well. We moved the sheep around in good form, and Petsu plopped down every time I asked him.

Practising, practising,...

it seems that long time has elapsed from latest herding update in English which means it is time to create an internationally readable story.
We spent the second week of July in Sweden in our annual summer vacation trip to Calle and Sussie's herding camp. I wrote a short report of the camp earlier in Finnish here. To make it short, I think Space Jazz Brothers made a good progress there, and Petsu and Miina did well, too.
Since then (about 2.5 weeks) we have mainly been on holidays and thus trained parctically daily at least once.

Pitkästä aikaa päivitystä, osa 2: Matka Ruotsin mummolaan

Matka Ruotsiin, Mörrumiin, Petsun syntymäkotoon (Boomtownin kenneliin) on muodostunut meillä jo traditioksi loman alkupuolen aktiviteetiksi. Syy matkailuun on Callen pitämät vuosittaiset partacollieiden paimennusleirit. Kesän 2000 jälkeen on vain vuonna 2002 jäänyt leiri väliin, ja koska yhtenä vuonna vietimme siellä kaksi viikkoa paimentamassa, olemme elämästämme viettäneet seitsemänä kesänä kahdeksan viikkoa siellä eli likipitäin kaksi kuukautta!

Pitkästä aikaa päivitystä, osa 1: Lomalaisten kiireet ja heinähommat

Kiirettä on pitänyt niin, ettei ole tullut päiviteltyä mitään. Maalaisen elämä, matkustavaisen sellaisen kaiken lisäksi, on kiireistä kesäaikaan. Huh sentään...

Harjoituksia kotolampailla

English summary: we continued round pen exercises with Petsu and Tykki. More details in Finnish. Vaihteeksi siis paimennusjuttua suomeksikin.

Multi breed herding

We spent the weekend at a very interesting event. Sinikka Kumpusalmi, a stock owner in eastern Finland, had decided that it would be interesting to have people with all kinds of herding breeds come together for a common training weekend. She organized the weekend at her farm, where she has sheep and goats.

The original plan was to have all the three brothers train at the event, but Lotta and Taffy had to cancel, so it was Minna with Tykki, Maiccu with Svensson, and me with Petsu.

From boom to bust and back

Yesterday I decided to try if Petsu and I could get the sheep into the round pen without any help. So far Minna has helped by leading the sheep into the pen once they are beside it. Unfortunately neither the sheep nor Petsu were quite up to it yet. Several times we were really close to getting the sheep into the pen, but then either Petsu lost his nerve and got up, or the sheep decided that they really wanted to bolt somewhere. The end result was lots of frustration, and finally Minna had to help us out. Not a very productive training session I must admit.

Herding with almost the whole family

We had Tykki's brother Svensson and mother Miina for a visit today, along with Saimi who is the breeder's Catalan sheepdog. Tykki's cousin Hilma also popped in for a short while. The only one missing from the family was the third brother Taffy.

I fetched the sheep to the round pen with Petsu, who showed really nice self control. The sheep are still quite light, but we managed to get them into the pen in good shape.

Round pen exercises

Yesterday we decided that it is time to get rid of the long line and start doing some round pen exercises. We have a pen which is about 10 meters across. I moved the sheep to the pen with Petsu, which took a little while since the sheep were not quite sure what the whole thing was about. Then it was Tykki's turn to move the sheep around a bit in the pen, and that went very nicely. He was keen but not overly excited, and started moving around the perimeter with a little guidance.


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