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Home sweet home

We returned home couple of days ago on Monday. Petsu had spent his week at home with Jaana and her little bitch Rilla (which I suppose Petsu likes a lot - Rilla knows how to behave *so nicely* around Petsu, she just admires him ;-) ). We humans spent about a week in a chicken training camp in Sweden and Tykki was eight days in Muijala having splendid time with Svensson (and a little bit less splendid time with Bellman, though I think Tykki secretly likes to be An Idol for a younger male). About Tykki's visit you can read in Finnish from pages www.vaahteramä

This was my third time in a chicken camp and Pertti's fourth. It is always so educating to see how much you need to change your own behaviour to get the chicken to do what you are teaching. Sometimes I feel it is far too much educating, but nevertheless, I learn a lot in these courses held by Bob Bailey. This time the course was titled "chaining" and we were supposed to teach each ones two chicken to walk on an apparatus through a course and perform one or two tasks in the beginning, at the end or during a course. These tasks are for example colour discrimination, specific pecking or for example spinning clock-wise two times on cue.

We were four Finns this time travelling to the camp, both of us together with our old friend Hillevi and a new friend Mari. Thanks for nice company, I suppose - and hope - that we are still friends after the camp ;-) I was working together with Hillevi as partners and coaching is as challenging as the training itself. Formulating your own thoughts in such a way that the other one can benefit from them and get ideas for training needs also thinking. Next course will be all about teaching meaning that we are supposed to tell the partner how to get the chicken go through an agility course - and partner is actually working my chicken. Phew... That course is planned for next August.

Tykki returned home from Muijala on Monday. We changed him from a Peugeot to Renault in Piikkiö and I let him do some herding exercises in between. This time we first time tried working as pairs meaning that another person with their dog held the sheep in one spot while the other one was getting the sheep (with the help of dog, of course) and moving them to another spot. First round was ... a challenge since Tykki seemed to have too much energy, but another one went better. Petsu was working very nicely with Pertti. Then we did also some driving. Petsu worked through that equally nicely. Tykki did only very short period since he did plenty of the first exercise. Short period proved well and we had nice and pleasant trip back home - no frustrated owners this time!

We are slowly but steadily recovering from the previous activites and today evening both Petsu and Tykki got treatment, they had their appointments in physiotheraphy. Petsu has been there earlier and he just loves Kati. His muscles were quite tense, but he still was very happy. It was Tykki's first time and he was as good and happy to be treated as his father is. Tykki also was a bit tense on his right side and they both have next appointment after fortnight.

And yes, we made our chickens to go through course and perform the tasks intended...