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Gubbesyntsät - Putney and Petsu had birthdays

Since I had to travel in the beginning of the month, I was not here to celebrate the Important Birthdays. Our Grand Old Putney had his 13th b-day on 6th April and Petsu also turned to a Real Veteran on 1st April (10th b-day). Pertti said they all enjoyed a "maksalaatikko" as birthday cake, also Tykki got cake, Pertti probably did not eat the same ;-)

Putney is growing very old. At some days he is quite ok, but some days are quite slow and and he walks a bit wobbly. Sometimes his heart condition probably also bothers him despite the medication. Obviously, every day we come closer to that day when he leaves us. Anyway, at Easter he enjoyed himself like all other dogs in the field. just a lot shorter period was enough for him and he retired back indoors to take a good, well-earned nap.

Petsu is getting older, too, but he is still (luckily) far from Putney's stage. We get him every now and then to get fysiotherapy and he really enjoys it! We do hope he remains in such good physical codition that he is able to do herding during summer season.

Pertti also had his b-day during my travel. I have to brag what I gave him as a present: a new mobile phone! Since his old one was quite unreliable already, it seems a pleasant surprise to get a new. Remember to ask him to show how his new Sonim is ringing in the water jug...