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From boom to bust and back

Yesterday I decided to try if Petsu and I could get the sheep into the round pen without any help. So far Minna has helped by leading the sheep into the pen once they are beside it. Unfortunately neither the sheep nor Petsu were quite up to it yet. Several times we were really close to getting the sheep into the pen, but then either Petsu lost his nerve and got up, or the sheep decided that they really wanted to bolt somewhere. The end result was lots of frustration, and finally Minna had to help us out. Not a very productive training session I must admit.

Once the sheep were in the pen, Minna and Tykki moved them around a bit with changes of direction and stops on they way. It was really nice to watch it from the sidelines.

Today Petsu and I did a walkaround, so not even a walkabout. We simply walked around the pasture, inspecting fences etc. Petsu followed me around, always coming back when I called him if he started to drift too far ahead of me.

Petsu managed to surprise me by doing something really sensible on his own. We were walking toward the sheep, but still rather far away from them. The sheep were in a corner somewhat to my right, and they started stirring, obviously thinking about moving to the left. Petsu was to my left, and he started on a small outrun perpendicular to the sheep to stop them. He kept his distance and did not go too fast, so the sheep just backed to their corner. Petsu walked a few meters up to the sheep on the fenceline, but returned to me when I called him. This of course earned him lots of praise.