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Herding with almost the whole family

We had Tykki's brother Svensson and mother Miina for a visit today, along with Saimi who is the breeder's Catalan sheepdog. Tykki's cousin Hilma also popped in for a short while. The only one missing from the family was the third brother Taffy.

I fetched the sheep to the round pen with Petsu, who showed really nice self control. The sheep are still quite light, but we managed to get them into the pen in good shape.

Both Tykki and Svensson did nice work pushing the sheep around in the pen. They are both extremely concentrated. Their mother Miina surprised her owner by starting to show some real interest in working the sheep. The round pen did not work out well for Saimi, who is very handler oriented, but we did a long walkabout with her around the field and into the pen for the second round, and that worked out well.

Hilma is still pretty young and has not had much exposure to sheep. She has been reinforced a lot for contact, however, which showed up as confusion in the pen. It was easier for her with Minna in the pen, and she started to get the hang of what she was supposed to do.

I hope the day was also useful for making the sheep a bit more dog broke, as there were so many different dogs working them.