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First week with the sheep

We have had summer sheep for two years now, but this year the sheep are here to stay. We have six of them, all ewes. Four are Kainuu Grays, a rare Finnish breed, one is a Finn sheep and one is a Finn-Dorset cross. The stock owner we bought them from has a young border collie, but she does not herd with the dog (yet, at least). However, the dog has been with her when she feeds or otherwise tends to the sheep, so they are used to dogs.

The sheep spent the first couple of days with us in a largish round pen, after which they were let into the pasture. We started training by doing simple approach-the-pen-without-losing-control exercises for the benefit of both the sheep and the dogs. So far we have progressed to short walkabouts with dog on a long leash, with both Petsu and Tykki.