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Last weekend was for herding...

We spend last weekend for herding. On Saturday we were practicing for Sunday's unofficial herding competition for Beardies. I also instinct tested 11 Beardies, out of 8 passed the test. Results are included in section "Herding with Beardies in Finland". Saturday evening we spent together with friends (+ Beardies) in a rented cottage; beautiful place on lakeside which especially our Beardies enjoyed ;-) We probably enjoyed more sauna, which was excellent wood-heated version.

We experienced different things with our own dogs on Saturday: Tykki was not himself, he seemingly suffered with his SLO claws (it appeared there were two bothering him), Letti I think did good work (though I did not see them due to testing arena), Viira was not able to flank (he still has some issues with it) and Pitsi was soo-o happy to be in round pen that she cried - and ran fast as hell...

On Sunday we had two classes and in easier one, I class there were 3 entries and the winner was Pixie, congrats! Letti and Pertti had problems with running sheep, but they managed to go through the course completely, well done :-)

1. Johanna Korpijaakko & Pixie 45 p
2. Pertti Kellomäki & Letti 33 p
3. Annika Lindholm-Altis & Lempi 16 p
Max points were 90.

In the second class there were 8 entries. You can clearly see which dogs did not have problems in taking the sheep and starting the course, the rest experienced problems already in the beginning. Tykki and I belonged to this problem-group and Tykki was not at all keen on working. We got comments about that from judge as well...

1. Dave Reeves & Taffy 90
2. Mika Laine & Gimme 85
3. Eija Kansanaho-Palonen & Ansa 73
4. Maijaliisa Valkonen & Svensson 71
5. Maijaliisa Valkonen & Bellman 14
6. Minna Kellomäki & Tykki 1
7. Liisa Vepsäläinen & Yo-Yo 1
8. Dave Reeves & Bree disk
Max points were 130.

Congratulations to Taffy&Dave, they also may keep the "Petsun leka" for the coming year!