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Dancing dogs and bigger collar

Things in the title did not happen to the same Beardie, but to Pitsi and Viira:

Today it came to my mind that Pitsi has grown a lot. She has mainly worn country girl harness (if anything) but I decided to check the size of the collar she has worn, too. The smallest puppy collar has now become too small! It just stretches around her neck, but I took the next size and placed the small one away. The puppies grow far too quickly, don't they?

Viira had an extremely exiting weekend since we attended dog dancing clinic where were Lesley Neville and Jackie de Jong, both from UK, teaching. Lesley is more of freestyle person and Jackie heelwork to music so we got comments and advice from both perspectives. As an extra bonus for me was that Lesley has Beardies and even has Brambledale puppy at home!

I have been out from this sport for some years since Tykki never got spirit for this and because I am not qualified to judge official competitions, the last time I judged was a bout 2.5 years ago (how time flies...). There were many new (and young) faces, but also some old friends were present. Viira is very novice, but taking how little we have practiced and how seldom we participate any event where there are people and dogs present, he managed situation and concentrated well (though he was the most unexperienced dog in the place). He tried hard and was very tired on Sunday evening when we finally came back home. We got good pieces of advice how to start and finish our program and also I was commented I can progress with him more and faster; that he is ready for that. So, we have to start to practice ;-)

We had great fun and if you want to learn more about dog dancing, try to search for dog dancing, canine freestyle or heelwork to music, in Finnish koiratanssi, freestyle tai HTM.