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14 months!

"Puppies" became 14 months today! They also have delighted us practically 1 year now. What have we been doing lately (no updates, like you have seen):
- Viira has attended obedience class
- Viira and Letti have both attended agility classes, now 2nd going
- - Viira seems to be natural talent
- - Letti first thought she is attending a sitting class and does not need those intermediate relaxing events, but this 2nd class has made her consider whether there is something else in agility...
- Viira started today a 2x2 weave pole practicing; let's see how he will progress
- They are best pals, they play rough together and others do not understand are they friendly or not when doing that (we humans also sometimes wonder... But they seem to have their own rules, like all twins do
- We have been out and herding. They develop very differently and so far Letti has progressed better and faster. Viira has some "issues" which means he has to be a bit further away from sheep. However, he is getting a good "stop" in the mean time.
- Wilson The Cat does not interest them too much - unless running outdoors...
- Tykki The Boss is frightening but nowadays fair for Viira. Letti flatters Tykki a lot, but curtsey lower in front of Savanna.
What else? Plenty, but the most important is that though different they are from each other they are great fun both together and alone!