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Summer vacation is here; part 1

Right... saldo from Monday and Tuesday this week:
We are on holidays and I feel like going to work - to rest ;-) We have been doing house repairs (building wall, painting it,...) and stuff related to sheep (preparing fencing for jumping ram, getting first batch of hay to carry indoors etc). Soon going back outside to build the outer wall of the house...

Yesterday Tykki was doing excellent in agility. Maybe finally after several years he starts to understand not all human hobbies are boring, but in agility you have permission to run :-) On Monday at Woollandia he had plans to do herding in his own way, but matte was awake and destroyed his intentions (with praisies form the coach-Marika). After all mental fighting in the beginning, we had some nice pen-work and also some good driving bits. He has done progress with his out-of-sheep behavior.

On Monday Letti found her inner herding-puppy and got excited of sheep in Woollandia. Yesterday, however, she thought that round pen at home is too small for her, but decided working beside with husse is ok (good decision, in my opinion). She also attended agility field and was sooo-oo interested in running people and dogs. Clever girl, who also liked a lot Laura who was helping as nanny for time collecting the obstacles.

On the other hand on Monday, Viira decided to eat all the sheep in the field and got leash to work them in a bit more limited way :-) It is time to teach him to stop on command and sheep-time is only on leash before he understands you can eat sheep only when dead... Yesterday, he got far too excited in our round pen (pen is obviously too small for him right now) and had again intentions to eat the sheep and so he got to work on leash in big field. This went very well! He dosed off when we headed to agility training, told Pertti.

Petsu was all excited on Monday with the sheep, but had a rest-day yesterday. Once you are 12, you cannot stand all activities of the household (especially puppies...).