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Letti and Viira update 18 weeks

Puppies got today 18 weeks (last week 4 months) old. We have been weighing them using Wii Fit Board and today they measured Letti 13.9 kg and Viira 14.8 kg. During the latest week Letti has gained slightly less than Viira, before this they had gained equal pace.

Last week when we visited vet and they got their shots they were according to her scale 13.7 and 14.4 kg, but 4 weeks before it was the same thing; Wii Board gave slightly different measures than vet's scale. So far, they are relatively lean and definitely active puppies :-) Btw our vet Jessica likes a lot pupsters, she says they are very brave and bright youngsters which judgement I happily agree. While examining the other, the other was standing on back feet and checking when s/he can be examined.

Last weekend was their first herding camp, and hopefully not the last one. They got a bit of time with sheep, too, and some of it was alone and some together. They are definitely not yet fully turned on (but we are not even expecting it) but interested in and not afraid of sheep. Viira is his own type: going anywhere with a human being but on the other hand was able to some seconds in a row to push the sheep alone. Letti on the other hand is keeping more distance to the sheep (which is not bad at all when thinking the coming jobs) and she started to work a bit with one of the young border collies of Marika and Kimmo. One thing to brag from the camp was that on Sunday we had a camp-ranch-trial. We had two clases; beginners and the others, 7 dogs in both. We had nice runs both Pertti&Petsu and me&Tykki and we were 3rd and 2nd! Not all the exercises were perfect during those days, but definitely we got some progress.

Of course there has happened plenty of things though I have not had time to give updates here. We have shorn the sheep and they have been out for some time. Puppies went to see them last week but main use for sheep has been they have been a distraction next where we go to field for stretch the legs. We have been extending puppies lives and went to for example to see one horse riding competition. Like should be, puppies did not mind but thought it is a nice way to spend their time and Viira was more interested in to play with me than to anything else. Maybe I should start to work him in some activities...