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Weighing puppies

Wii Fit Board was in good use today again. Puppies were weight using that and continuous and steady gain of weight goes on. Letti is 11.9 kg and Viira 12.3 kg and we can easily feel the ribs under the skin. They are growing all the time, currently they seem to have long legs... and still sharp little teeth ;-)

Today we also visited stables and saw very-very close some big-big horses (Enska IS a big horse, I need ladders to climb on him!) and many-many of them. Both had once been there before and now they were practically owing the place ;-) Additionally, I was doing some contact training and that was excellent, both had so nice contact with me! We walked home four of us, me with Tykki and puppies, and it was almost mission impossible: Not only puppies were bouncing back and forth but Tykki did the same. Luckily Petsu was at home with a precious bone having his own time (he was happy) since with all four dogs I had probably lost my nerves completely...