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We had an eventful weekend at Kesanto and for the puppies. The summer has reached us!

We started already on Friday evening (or was it already on Thursday evening...) and had a walk around the open-air theatre area. Especially Viira was fascinated when we heard people's voices practicing the play and seemingly Viira wanted to join the group when they were singing.

On Saturday we had visitors: Arvi, brother of Letti and Viira, visited with his people and "big-brother" Olavi. It seemed Viira was not too enthusiastic about Arvi and having competitor for Letti's attention, unfortunately. There seems to be work done separately with these puppies so that Viira is not owing Letti too much... At the same day Pertti's sister and her two children visited us, too. Puppies liked a lot Siiri and Lauri, and I think they shared the feeling ;-)

Not that this was enough for the days off, but on Sunday we visited Pertti's mother on Mother's Day. Puppies met 4 children at the same time and got a small walk with two girls and us. We also played come-game and had a great success in that. All enjoyed, I do not know puppies or children more ;-) We also repaired the fencing for the sheep and everything and puppies hardly got their daily nap. No wonder they did not argue when evening came...

Today it was easy to leave puppies home for rest :-)