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DLA-tyyppaus vs. autoimmuunisairaudet / DLA-status vs. autoimmune diseases

The text in this page is not the full truth, but more like starting point to understand whether there are what kind of connections exist between DLA-types, homozygote dogs and autoimmune diseases.

Out of so far studied 156 Beardies there are at least 24 dogs having SLO (19 dogs), Addison's disease (3), IMHA (1) and ITP (1) according to the owners of the dogs. There may be more, but I do not know them. The reason to have so high number of SLO-dogs is that we wanted to see whether there is connection between DLA-types and SLO.

Among those 24 dogs there are:
9 homozygote Parta1 Beardies
5 homozygote Parta2 Beardies
8 heterozygote Parta1-Parta2 Beardies and
2 heterozygote Parta1-Parta3 Beardies.

The number of dogs is too low for any real analysis, but
- most of the sick dogs have Parta1 and Parta2 in their genome
- the number of homozygotes is more than half.

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This page is under constant construction and new things will be added whenever found.