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Minna herding with both Beardie boyz

Yes, you read the title correctly. Though Petsu is still more of Pertti's dog and Tykki is mamma's, I decided to take both boys herding last Saturday. We were supposed to go herding all together, but Pertti had to go elsewhere and we had one dog's time "for sale". I asked some of our friends to participate but they were not able to make it and so I decided to take a risk with Petsu.

Petsu has been so hot-headed and fast herder that I had not dared to try herding with him. I always thought he is too fast for me and I cannot be firm enough for him. Now that his 12th birthday is closer than his 11th I decided to try (he has become slower...). My alternative plan was that if everything starts to go madly and badly wrong, I will stop the whole exercise.

We took the second spot right after Svensson and I took Petsu in the arena. He was at first having more of a tourist feeling without Pertti but with me, and he was greeting all his human friends present and being in no rush. He was seemingly a bit confused when I opened the gate and told him we are going in to herd sheep, but then he was soo happy when realizing what's happening! He was doing ALL the things I asked and trying hard to fulfill ALL my wishes, even those not yet asked and he did SUPERB work with his outruns and zigzags what I was working with him. He had HUGE ears with which he heard ALL details and understood even those wrong commands (words that I use with Tykki, but Petsu has other vocabulary) - maybe I had clear enough body language at those moments... We had nice time together, thanks Pertti, for giving us an opportunity :-)

Tykki was having more of his own will this time and coaches commented we should practice at home more stop, more recall and larger flanks. According to those comments I suppose we did nothing correctly :-( It was so opposite than what we did last time about month ago when Tykki was presenting almost excellent behaviour. I hope next time I will have with me Tykki in another mood, or I suggest Pertti we swap the dogs - maybe Tykki will work well with him like Petsu did...

While coming home, we drove to meet my colleague's family's new puppy Samppa (Australian shepherd aged about 9-10 weeks). Samppa was cute like a puppy can be and he was at first a bit reserved towards my horse and sheep smelling trousers. Later he got friendly and the treat ball I gave him as a present was soo-oo exciting that he even barked at it! Tykki and Petsu also came indoors to greet Samppa and they were like idols to Samppa, I guess. I was kind to Petsu and let him sleep behind a closed door after a hard day but Tykki was acting an adult "uncle" for Samppa. Samppa thought it was sooo-ooo cool and he followed Tykki's every movement until his head was filled with new information and excitement and then that little puppy was just able to run and run and run around for a while until he crashed and fell immediately asleep. Funny those little puppies...

I also met Lotta and Dave's little girl Bree (or Edam or Wensleydale...) and she was soo-oo cute in her pink Jane Fonda woolly. She was like tiny little herding puppy when Dave took her to meet the sheep. It will be nice to see how she develops within time!