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Niisi - In Memoriam 1.4-3.11.2010

This is hard to do, it has taken me several days to collect myself to write this. This message has both languages, English and Finnish.

Our beloved little Niisi Wunderpuppy died around 6 in the morning last Wednesday 3.11. just after she had her 7 month birthday when she was already seriously ill. About 1,5 weeks before that she was suddenly having a serious flu and fever and she seemed to be sore everywhere. We naturally took her to the vet and for some two days she seemed to respond to antibiotics. Then suddenly again fever jumped up to high numbers. Again to the vet and to the blood tests and other examinations. Within 7-8 days we visited 4 vets (including neurologist) all together 6 times with no success. The last hope was to take her to the vet hospital in Helsinki where Pertti left her late Tuesday evening. She had recovered slightly but become worse and we got a phone call asking permission for emergency euthanasia. What else we could do but give the permission...

We hope to get a diagnosis from pathologist statement, but we have to wait for that for 2-3 months. The best guess so far for diagnosis has been that she had caught a virus infection in throat/lungs and on top of that bacterial infection. Bacteria had mainly been killed but virus caused the death. Of course it can be something else but based to the studies we know it was not borreliosis, meningitis, Addison, and several others.

I had always thought it is difficult to let old dogs go, but this has been beyond my imagination how it feels to let it happen to a youngster. She was such a nice addition to our pack of dogs; Her character and temperament were very nice; no fears, curious, forward-driven and always happy, self-confident and independent, yet most willing to work with us humans and she showed excellent herding instinct already as a baby. Well, life is not fair...

Suomeksi vain lyhyesti:
Menetimme rakkaan Vunderpupi-Niisin vain seitsemän kuukauden iässä rajuun ja nopeasti etenevään hengityselimissä ilmenneeseen tautiin, jota ei pystytty hoitamaan eikä diagnosoimaan sairauden edetessä huolimatta useista yrityksistä. Toivottavasti patologin lausunto antaa meille tiedon ja rauhan siltä osin.

Kiitos kaikille ystäville osanotosta ja siteeraan muutamaa heistä: "Parhaat syntyy siivet selässä, ja Niisi paimentaa nyt pilvilampaita..."