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Herding competition and a bit of Niisi

A week ago we traveled to Ekenäs, near Stockholm. Unfortunately Niisi could not join us since Sweden still stubbornly have the request for rabies antibody test and Niisi by no mean can yet have developed antibodies (after one shot). Thus she was left behind to live a weekend in Hervanta together with Katri, Olli and Hilma. Thanks to them we others were able to travel! They at least did not complain about bad behavior or anything and therefore we assume Niisi was doing fine there. As return, Hilma was here a long weekend and went back home yesterday. It looked like all the dogs enjoyed the stay: Hilma was running around taking Tykki and Niisi with her and Petsu enjoyed he did not have to join the others ;-) Hilma tried to challenge Poju the ram, with as negligible effect as possible; Poju did not even stop eating when Hilma was barking at him. No rewards from that "herding"...

But the competition a week ago: It was SBC's annual championship competition in herding. We had a possibility to practice on Saturday (some had done that already on Friday) and competition was on Sunday. I actually expected us (Tykki and me) not to be able to start because Tykki was still wearing a boot on his left hind paw due to a claw rupture some 2-3 weeks earlier. To my surprise, we got a permission from a vet to start (dog was not limping with a boot). However, we did not have any chance since we had not been able to herd for about a month (first two-week sick-leave was due to a wasp sting and immediately after that he hurt the nail). So without practice no chance and our turn was over without getting to half way of the course.

Petsu and Pertti were doing excellent work and were heading towards a win (at least medals!) but at the end, in the penning, one of the ewes just bolted out and ran like idiot and straight onto the legs of our judge! She fell straight down, practically on her head and was just lying on the ground. What an awful moment! Petsu returned the ewe back to Pertti who calmly penned it and left the arena with Petsu. We spent long time waiting for the ambulance that finally drove in. Since it had been raining half Saturday and the lawn was very slippery Dave was helping the ambulance with his 4WD car. Luckily later we heard that she after all did not have broken bones (or neck) but there is still possibility to have meniscus or ligament ruptures. We have our fingers crossed for her!

It was kind of a miracle SBC people got another person to carry on judging after a longish lunch break. The competition turned to cup-type event and probably only ones suffering this solution was Petsu and Pertti. They had to do a second run since their protocol was not completed by judge #1 and Petsu at his age was a bit tired at second run. It went very well, but not that well than the first one. However, they got 5th which is well done!

On our way back home we were able to celebrate how SM (= Svenska mästarskapet) turned to SM (=suomenmestaruus). Ansa and Eija took the first prize! (and we others need to practice more...) Well done and congratulations!

We do not have photos of this, but Pertti has put some photos of Petsu throughout the years in Galleria. Go and check.