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Niisi update

Seemingly it has taken some time to get back to computer to do Niisi update. Believe me, I have been using computer since last update but once you use it during day-time, it is not that tempting to sit with it also in the evening. But because I know there are friends who would like to know about Niisi The Wunder Puppy, I forced myself to sit down and memorize what has happened.

If we start from the latest happenings, we attended 5-month puppy meeting. All Niisi's littermates with some of their humans gathered together in Nurmijärvi. There was a nice largish garden to play in and being a garden of Beardie owner, it had good fencing around. It was quite a rally what was going on for some hours before it finally slowed down and at least some of the puppies were even standing :-) Our pics you can find in "Galleria Picasassa" in folder "Pentutreffit Nurmijärvellä". Feel free to try to find out which puppy is which, even though not all eight look alike. Niisi was not the first ones to attack others, but she was not too shy, either. You just could see how she does not have a puppy friend around.

We are very pleased how calmly she takes horses and such animals, but we have worked with that. Last Friday she was with Pertti at Meku's place where there was a small dressage competition and I was participating it (first time in my life). It did not go that well since Hiiri (the horse) thought there were horse eating judges and refused to collaborate at the closest one third of the yard. Of course my tiny experience in riding did not help to solve the situation...

Niisi has, of course, been herding every now and then. Not too often since after all she is a little puppy. She influences well the sheep, try to collect them, but sometimes, like previous time in Somero, she just had too short legs and not enough speed to handle the big flock of sheep.

We have also been reinforcing the come-signal and should carry on that work. She really responds well to a whistle, now we need to start to introduce the verbal cue for come.

While we attended (month ago...) Bob's chicken camp my niece was house-sitting our home taking care the dogs and the sheep. She and her boyfriend called her "raivostuttava ja pöhkö", freely translated "unbearable and stupid", showing she has spend a real puppy life. Right now she shows the same attitude and she just stole Pertti's shoe and started to carry that off from the TV-room :-)

Niisi and we had slightly exciting moments for about 1-2 weeks since her new canine teeth were on their way and growing and the old ones did not show signs to give up. Pertti started to loosen them, first from lower jaw and when they got off, then the upper jaw. Luckily new teeth rapidly filled in the cavities that were left behind and bite seems to be ok now. I think most of the teeth have changed by now and boy puppy's new teeth are bright white!