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Come game!

Niisi played today her first time come-game. Our version was inspired from Sue Ailsby's training levels (see:, a slightly more difficult than in the level one.

We took Niisi's lunch (afternoon meal) which was today chicken neck pieces to two cups and went outdoors. There we were hiding a bit and changing our places and were giving her the come-cue. This was done alternating; when the other one had praised the puppy and given the treat, the other one started to call her and the first person became passive. There was no need to be very passive, since Niisi was running like a rocket from one to another and really working hard to find us - and get her food. After that she was tired and slept for quite awhile and digested both her meal and what she had just experienced.

Have I already wrote several times how nice it is to have a puppy who is really interested in food??