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It has been more than week from latest update. I got a sudden demand to interrupt my holiday and I have been working this past week and travelled more than half of it. So, no updates during those days. It is somewhat busy to be "single-dad" or "single-mom" with the dogs and sheep and full-day work.

What has happened then? I cannot tell much about those days I was away, but today Niisi got a visitor, her sister Nelli came with her "matte" Lisa. Simultaneously her breeder Leena and her husband Jari popped in for a short visit and we had nice Saturday morning at our place. Niisi and Nelli were playing all the time nicely and Tykki let them do it. Petsu was checking the situation under terrace :-)

Niisi also visited vet to get her shots and she weighed 15.1 kg! Nelli had been previous week appr. 13 kg and their brother 17 kg, huge lad! I hope they are just growing rapidly, otherwise they turn to be bouviers or briards!

We have also had some other visitors: previous week Pertti's brother came with his family, wife and 4 kids of ages between 1.5 years and 8. Niisi was at first a bit amazed of them, but after watching them for short time she decided to play with two of the oldest. The third one had decided to be afraid of the dogs this time and the youngest is too young to play with the dogs. Our boys had already earlier met the children, of course, so they were all fine. Only when Pertti, his brother and children went to see the ewes and they started to run, got Tykki very worried about what's happening and he almost jump over the fences to save his precious sheep.

Also Riitta came to visit with her 3 Beardie bitches, Savanna, Mei-Mei and Fauni. Niisi's reaction was the same: she sat down for a while but then she was together with all the others. She seems to act like a puppy (you know: I am sooo tiny that no-one can be mad at me) which is very clever puppy behaviour.

Niisi has of course now lost more teeth, but new ones has become to replace them. She seems to chew more when the teeth are about to loose, but she is not nervous or anything due to them. Luckily we have things around so she has not caused any damage to the furniture or other valuables (knocking wood...).

Pertti has done some herding stuff with her, but more about that in the coming update next week!