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Round pen exercises

Some round pen exercises have been taken with Niisi at home pasture. It seems we need to learn something...

Pertti took a round pen exercise on Friday evening with Niisi. Our pen is relatively large and all 6 ewes plus 3 lambs were there then. Ewe with lambs, Moona (those who know her know her habits and size, which is more like XXL...), has decided that A Puppy is definitely not going to move her nor her lambs. She turned several times against Niisi and the rest of the time she tried to stay behind person-in-charge. With one expression; she is pain in the ass :-( Only way we made it work was to have two of us working there: The other one was walking in front of the sheep and the other one was securing Niisi with the long line. Remember, Pertti is teaching her not to rush towards sheep and so far she has no stopping command whatsoever, so long line is an only opportunity to control the speed. This two person method was satisfactorily working and Niisi was able to move the sheep well.

Today I worked Tykki first and we drove the same configuration of ewes and lambs into the round pen. This time Pertti took off Moona and lambs and worked only the rest five ewes. This worked perfectly well: this bunch moved easily and lightly with the power of puppy. It was very nice to see her focusing the sheep, moving them and also stopping. I think they had an exercise of 2 minutes at maximum which was perfect time, Niisi concentrated the complete time and did not take any secondary functions there.

Lesson learned: modify your flock to match your puppy's abilities ;-)

P.S. Don't forget to browse the photos in "Galleria Picasassa". I think there are some relatively newly added pics in some of the folders...