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New things added to the list of experiences: Lake and "swimming"

Sunday evening we drove to a place nearby where we were able to take a short walk a bit away home and then take a swim both dogs and humans. In Finland it is not allowed to let dogs swim in public beaches, but this place has human side and a bit further piers and there it is possible to let dogs into the lake.

We took a walk first since especially Tykki was very keen to do something (anything) since he is not that much bothered of hot weather. Already walk was quite interesting for Niisi; a new place, new things to smell, walk in a leash (I know, but we live in the countryside...) and all that. She was very busy and once we came beside the lake she was quite hot. She bravely walked to the lake but once the water level reached her tummy, she jumped high and escaped from the lake. We were laughing a lot but she was suspiciously looking into the lake like there had been something biting her ;-D

Boys had quality time paddling in the lake and did not let Niisi to disturb their life. We also took a swim and I have to admit that now water was so warm even I could not complain it's cold!