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Weekly update

I have promised a weekly update in English for our international friends and I just recognized it was last Monday when I las wrote about our life...

We have had exceptionally hot weather in Finland for some time already (week, at least) and according to forecast we should have even hotter next week. It may be that in coming days we break the temperature records ever! Despite the hot, we were herding in Somero last Tuesday. Niisi did very well in her first round showing exellent interest and she was well stopping the sheep. Second round was a bit more tired and she was running too much even splitting the group. Pertti was given piece of advice to prevent Niisi to run towards sheep and guide her to go round the sheep (that she is allowed to do running). By the way, I earlier reported she was limping the other front paw/leg/wrist but she is not doing that anymore. She spent couple of days resting a bit more (but tell me how to prevent a puppy to play and run, sigh) and I also added the calcium in her food plus gave extra vitamin C. Maybe some of these helped her :-)

I started my holidays and thus have had plenty of time to play with all the dogs. However, due to hot they all have spent most of the day-time under cover, in the shades and sleeping. They have been active only in the mornings and evenings so my holiday has been like waste of time, but maybe they still like I am at home doing this and that. I have tried to spend at least a little bit of time away every day so that Niisi keeps doing well when left alone. She is more or less alone when we are not at home; she is in a separate room and boyz elsewhere though they can are separated only with high gates. This is just for her own safety. She seems to fall asleep when she is left alone and is fast asleep when I come back. Only problem for her is when I go herding with Tykki and she is indoors with Petsu. Petsu, that bad old guy, starts to bark and she joins the crew. Recently I have taken her out and put her in a cage and there she is perfectly ok and quite. We do not want Petsu to teach her all possible bad manners.

Though for me it seems we have been doing very little with her, that is not the complete truth. Of course she is still tiny little and needs a lot of sleep. Training periods are very short, only some minutes and therefore they need to be planned beforehand. She has maintained her nice recall reaction that was created by breeder (thanks, Leena and family!) and she is active in contacting humans. She is taking contact very politely, coming to you and watching straight to your eyes like asking "sorry, but do you have some time for me, please". Of course sometimes she demands, but we have learned that then it is her breakfast/lunch/supper time. You simply cannot forget her meals!

She has so far started to learn several things; herding, sitting on cue, walking backwards, she has learned click means food and also word "hyvä" means food, she knows how to touch target with her nose and another target with her front paw,... With Niisi we try to remember to teach moving behaviours parallel with stationary ones. We made a mistake with Tykki and even though it is nice to have a good lie down, it is a bit disturbing to have that as a default behaviour (meaning, if he does not know what to do, he offers lie down), you need to do a lot of work to progress when teaching a new thing.