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NN growing

It seems Niisi is growing hugely and rapidly. She got her rabies shots yesterday evening (yes, Sunday, this vet is currently working part-time) and was weighed 11.6 kg. Though the scale was different than on last Tuesday, still... No wonder she is a wee bit limping her right front paw/leg and I am afraid she may have grown a bit too fast. It may also be that she has hurt herself a bit when running in the field. Vet did not find any specifically wrong when she examined Niisi's legs so we can only wait and watch at the moment.

We are having a hot session right now (hot by Finnish standards). Local newspaper informed that yesterday had been 27.9C in Tampere which is record for this summer. I would very much enjoy slightly cooler weather and dogs definitely too. Tykki has been the only one about up and running at the day-time, mainly all three have been active either very early in the morning or late in the evening.

For me sunshine and dry weather is ok at the moment. I started first day of my summer holiday by painting one window (well, not exactly, I did not paint the glass part ;-) ) and I still have plenty to do. All the old windows will take more time but I have some weeks time to do this... I would like to order no rain and a bit cooler weather, please.