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Little Beaf----no, barf-eater Niisi!

I already wrote in Finnish how we have changed Niisi's diet to raw food (barf = bone and raw food). She was eating regular kibble food with added minced meat earlier, and she was eating well so that was not reason to change the diet.

We started to feed dogs, Putney and Petsu, barf already several years ago. The reason to change was Petsu's repeating ear infections which we though may have been due to carbohydrates of the food. At first our start was delayed with the house repairs at that time, since we did not even have fridge for a longish period ;-) When we started at that time, Petsu was very much into it immediately loving all the raw food we offered. Putney, even more adult then, was clearly thinking we had forgotten something (make food) and he was carefully lifting out the chicken wings from his bowl and organizing them around it glancing towards us every now and then. Anyway, both of them turned to love barf diet and Petsu's ears got better, especially when we stopped using sweet vegetables, like carrots, in his food.

When it was time to get little Tykki-puppy home I had studied barf-diets for puppies and created menu for the little one. Tykki voted for barf and has been eating raw food since. However, he loves to eat kibbles every now and then and we have been laughing how he probably considers eating hamburgers at McDonalds ;-) Tykki has some limitations, for example he seems to hate liver and most of other internal organs. He seems to think that best a dog can do with a piece of liver is roll over it! It is also a bit annoying that he picks up the pieces of the food he dislikes from the bowl and shakes them - while the piece is between his front teeth. Just imagine the mess around...

With all this history plus Tykki managed to grow to have both clean hips and elbows we decided to offer Niisi barf, too. She absolutely loves real food (so far she has eaten anything we have given her, including liver) and right now she is eating her first pieces of long bones with bone marrow and is extremely concentrated on her food. It is good exercise for her jaws and helps with thinking after her today's herding session.

Bon apetit!