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Niisi, 10 weeks today!

I just realized I have made no proper update in English to introduce Niisi, our newest addition to the pack. Niisi is offspring of Rilla (Hill Trails Zsa Zsa) and Wolfie (Brambledale Black Bob) and was born of april day, 1st April 2010. She is 10 weeks today and growing like a weed (like my mom used to say).

She seems to be very lively puppy and quite a character. She loves to take contact to humans, which is not a bad thing from a Beardie puppy. She has also nice response to "come", let's hope we can keep it ;-) Today she had decided to become an independent herding puppy. While I was walking the boys and Pertti was cleaning up the yard, she had twice gone through the fencing to meet sheep by herself. She is very interested in the sheep and seems keen to drive them. Let's see how she and Pertti will do together, and we hope to get good distance to her :-) Perhaps at the moment it would be clever to reinforce "that'll do" meaning a puppy can and should leave the sheep and do no more herding.

There will be photo and video updates in "Galleria Picasassa". Click that and see how our dogs, sheep etc are doing!