If weekend was not for us...

If last weekend was not for us, we need to go on.

Today we had Hillevi visiting us and we had great time having tea and pulla (etc goodies) sitting outdoors before it started to rain. Tykki was needed for farm work since we had to divide ewes for two groups. He did very nice and calm work so I hope that taking off one claw (very loose one) and clipping another solved his current problem.

Last weekend was for herding...

We spend last weekend for herding. On Saturday we were practicing for Sunday's unofficial herding competition for Beardies. I also instinct tested 11 Beardies, out of 8 passed the test. Results are included in section "Herding with Beardies in Finland". Saturday evening we spent together with friends (+ Beardies) in a rented cottage; beautiful place on lakeside which especially our Beardies enjoyed ;-) We probably enjoyed more sauna, which was excellent wood-heated version.

Dancing dogs and bigger collar

Things in the title did not happen to the same Beardie, but to Pitsi and Viira:

Today it came to my mind that Pitsi has grown a lot. She has mainly worn country girl harness (if anything) but I decided to check the size of the collar she has worn, too. The smallest puppy collar has now become too small! It just stretches around her neck, but I took the next size and placed the small one away. The puppies grow far too quickly, don't they?

Pitsi, 3 months today!

Pitsi, our newest Beardie addition, is 3 months today. She has enjoyed her day by learning how to sit and how to touch a target stick with her nose. Of course, even more she has enjoyed when running with the others, when being groomed and when eating goodies. Happy birthday!

Puppy and youngsters, or puppy, Big Baby and youngster (and adult)

We have a new puppy, Pitsi (Lace in English). I will add her details on our pages quite soon, whenever I have time... Pitsi is tomorrow 3 months and is of course a Beardie and also little bitch. She has been with us for a while and shown her claws already. She likes people, goodies, all nice stuff to work with and use her jaws and teeth and many other things, like puppies do.

Näytelmiä ja heiniä - hay and show

Viikko on mennyt jälleen tästäkin kesästä heinien roudaamisessa ja vielä on jokunen kymmenen paalia mahdutettavaa vielä huomenna. Heinälatomme näyttää kyllä aika hyvältä - näin sanoisi varmaan Moonakin, jos se päästettäisiin näkemään ladon sisältöä ;-) Vaan on se raskasta touhua kirjoituspöytätyöläiselle...

14 months!

"Puppies" became 14 months today! They also have delighted us practically 1 year now. What have we been doing lately (no updates, like you have seen):
- Viira has attended obedience class
- Viira and Letti have both attended agility classes, now 2nd going
- - Viira seems to be natural talent
- - Letti first thought she is attending a sitting class and does not need those intermediate relaxing events, but this 2nd class has made her consider whether there is something else in agility...
- Viira started today a 2x2 weave pole practicing; let's see how he will progress

Petsu on poissa / Petsu is gone

Petsu poistui keskuudestamme keskiviikkona 26.10.2011. Vanha sydän antoi periksi eläinlääkärin pöydällä ja Petsu nukahti pois. Kaipaus on kova.

Petsu slept away on Wednesday October 26th, 2011 when his old heart gave up on the vet's table. Petsu is deeply missed.

Summer vacation is here; part 1

Right... saldo from Monday and Tuesday this week:
We are on holidays and I feel like going to work - to rest ;-) We have been doing house repairs (building wall, painting it,...) and stuff related to sheep (preparing fencing for jumping ram, getting first batch of hay to carry indoors etc). Soon going back outside to build the outer wall of the house...

Letti and Viira update 18 weeks

Puppies got today 18 weeks (last week 4 months) old. We have been weighing them using Wii Fit Board and today they measured Letti 13.9 kg and Viira 14.8 kg. During the latest week Letti has gained slightly less than Viira, before this they had gained equal pace.


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